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Mobile devices are commonly known as distractions when it comes to being productive. All it takes is one notification and before you know it, you’ve been scrolling social media for hours.

But what if there is a way you can utilise your mobile phone for productivity? Apart from various productivity apps, there are various steps you can take to ensure your phone serves to boost your productivity, not reduce it.

1. Block Out Distracting Apps

Either delete such distracting apps or download softwares like Offtime or Moment, that restrict you from entering these apps as often. …

There are all kinds of lies, ranging from lies of omission all the way to lies of influence. It can even sometimes be hard to tell if a person is lying or not, and although some may argue that lying is instinctive in nature — even children lie unknowingly — , lying can cause issues when trying to build stronger relationships.

1. Self-defense

People may lie in order to protect themselves from a certain opinion or situation. They may know of the consequence of their prior action, and are simply trying to avoid punishment or fight. …

Ever found yourself in a situation where your peers or mates stare at you in disbelief? No matter how much you swear that you would achieve or do something or have done something, they still seem skeptical. Well, here are 5 possible reasons why they may not believe you.

1. Asserting Does Not Bring You Credibility

A common misconception that many have, is that asserting your statement on others makes them believe you. This in fact, may have an opposite effect — where more people may not believe you. Avoid turning forceful when telling people something you want them to believe.

2. It Sounds Unrealistic To Them

Most of us tend to avoid our problems by waiting for solutions that don’t exist and will never come. We procrastinate and this, may make the problem at hand much harder to resolve.

Problems come in a variety. There are problems that come naturally — which means we have to find ways to cope or handle the as best we can. There are also problems that come from taking on greater responsibilities — whether expected or not.

1. Your Problems Can Only Help You To Grow And Improve

You don’t get any better if you’re doing the same things everyday, and not pushing yourself. Understand the value of your problems and…

Despite having a long list of things to complete, sometimes, it’s hard to get things done. Whether due to procrastination, analysis paralysis, or even pure laziness. Distractions can also often be a big hindarance to productivity.

1. Organise

Make sure to sort out everything that you have to do into the different days. Having a different to-do list for each day helps to keep you on track.

2. Focus On One Thing At A Time

Apart from being the last resort when the wifi is down, reading books can be beneficial in many ways — it strengthens the brain, builds vocabulary, reduces stress and so on. Although there are various forms of books, including eBooks and audiobooks, there’s always something about a physical copy that fully submerges you into into the experience. Here’s how you can ease right back into reading.

1. Read What You Want To

Do some browsing on social media and discover some titles that intrige you. Don’t ever force yourself to read things that don’t excite you — this means don’t read books for the sake of…

94% of millennials make personal improvement commitments, and are willing to spend almost $300 monthly on it.

A vast majority of people engage in self-development often because they may feel like they aren’t enough, or that there’s something wrong with them, or because they feel there is something more out there.

While self — development is no doubt important in some ways to shape a person for the better, over-dosing on it may draw more negative effects. Especially if it derives from the belief that you are not enough.

1. You Are In Your Head A Lot

You find it hard to relax and live in the moment…

Humans are creatures of habit. Meaning, that the things we do regularly are usually either consciously or even unconsciously due to our habits. In fact, the state and quality of our lives are often always a result of our repetitive behaviour over the years. As shown in a study, 45% of everything we do daily is driven by habit.

1. Practising Gratitude

Many of us tend to look towards the future more and as a result, forget about all that we have in the moment. Our achievements are often drowned out by our urge to grow and better ourselves. While this may not…

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” — Alan Lakein

Sound familiar? There is no doubt that setting a goal is crucial to achieving it. I mean, you can’t really achieve something you didn’t look forward to.

Having financial goals changes the way you view money, hence influencing the decisions you make with it, often for the better. With that, it’s not just setting the goal that’s important, it’s also the little steps that you take which aid you along the process. Today, we look at the 6 steps to achieving that big financial goal you set for yourself.

1. Setting The Right Goal Versus Setting The Goal Right


Work out daily. Wake up at 8am every morning. Read at least 1 book every week. Were there habits like these you’ve strived to incorporate into your routine yet never did? Maybe you told yourself, “I’ll try another time.” or, “I don’t think this is for me.”

Psychology Today proves that we humans, are creatures of want. We mainly only do things that we want to, which is why there is no surprise that forming healthy, beneficial habits, can be tough. Today, we explore the 7 effective ways to form a habit, and have it stick around.

Duration — How long does it take to pick up a habit?

When Dr. Maltz…

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