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3 Big Reasons Why A Good Workspace Is Important

Believe it or not, having a good workspace can drastically impact your work experience and motivation. And while this applies to work offices too, thanks to COVID-19, this will apply especially to the majority of us who are now working from home.

Environmental psychologist, Sally Austin discusses that workplace design is crucial in order to boost efficiency and overall work experience. She highlights how factors such as colour of the walls or the arrangement of furniture can affect our performance at work, all of which can be found in her publication, Built to Thrive: How to Build the Best Workplaces for Health, Well-Being, & Productivity.

Globally, an estimated 70% of people work remotely at least one day a week. Thus, today we look at the 3 big reasons why having a good workspace is so impactful.

1. Puts You In The Right Headspace

Having a space fully dedicated to work helps to put you in the right headspace quicker. By dedicating that space to work and purely work, you’ll associate it accordingly. Meaning, thinking or looking at that space will ring “work” in your mind, hence encouraging productivity.

Having a dedicated workspace also removes distractions from around you — considering you picked an ideal and suitable spot. Allowing you to get on your work streak without any diversions.

2. Improves Efficiency

With a dedicated workspace, you waste no time as compared to having to declutter and reorganise some random spot in your living room just to set your laptop comfortably down. You might lose energy and motivation doing this, hence affecting your work ability.

3. Brings Down Stress Levels

Work will always be stressful, but that’s not always such a bad thing. What’s bad, is too much stress.

Not having a suitable dedicated workspace makes stress management tougher, as not only are you unused to the setting, but you’re probably also distracted and unable to focus. This is what adds on more stress, which can affect your work negatively — sloppy, lazy or even rushed work, for the sake of getting it over with.

Having a peaceful, fixed location in your home that allows you to work well, helps eliminate these unnecessary stresses, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without feeling overwhelmed.

With that, having a dedicated, suitable workspace proves to be crucial especially if you’re aiming to maintain productivity levels during this time. Also, figure out how you can construct you very own ideal workspace here.

Check out the blog post here.

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